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Dr. Prakash Chhajlani Contact Details
Dr Prakash Chhajlani M.S., M.Ch.
Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon.
Ganga Jamuna Apartment, South Tukoganj,
Near Nath Mandir Indore 452001 India
Tel.O & R.: 91-731-2511411,  R.0731-2366588.
Appointments: (+91) 0731 2511411- 8 am to 7 pm. 

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Dr. Prakash Chhajlani India Location
Dr. Prakash Chhajlani Indore Location

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery NEWS

News You can USE.Interesting facts about Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.and DR Chhajlanis' Clinic.Indore.MP. INDIA.

Green NEWS. We at Dr Chhajlanis' Clinic have been distributing close to 1000 trees every year for free through our patients.We have done it for last 7 years .The idea came fro our friend Amitabh Goel and we thank him for it.We have been giving Peepal ( ficus relegiosa) Bargad or Bad ( ficus bengalensis ) Neem ( Azdircha indica ) Gular (ficus infectoria )and Karang an evergreen.Those who live in flats are given Tulsi or BasilWe buy these plants from the government nurseries in lots of 200-300 and replenish as necessary.Dr Prakash Chhajlani.cosmetic-plastic-surgery.Indore.India

The Facilities

Consultation Clinic & Laser/ Office Surgery Center :

Our Clinic established in 1986 is very centrally located at
Ganga Jamuna Apartment,Near Nath Mandir.
South Tokoganj.Indore .Bharat (India).
For appointments 91-731 2511411 from 8 am to 7 pm.

We are known for our excellence in patient care with the help of our efficient staff members and experienced team and our associated  hospitals provide outstanding  medical support to our patients.

We provide Laser treatment and office surgery like Botox, Fillers, hair Removal etc without admission at the clinic.Patients needing operative procedures are treated with or without admission in our associated Hospitals by Dr Chhajlani.

Associated HOSPITALS and Admission Facilities :

Dr Chhajlani works and operates in 3 best Hospitals of the city which are affordable,have excellent nursing care, have  the state of the art technology, fully equipped pathology lab and High profile Operation Theater to deal with any kind of trauma and emergency situation.

Fully hygienic a/c rooms, non a/c rooms, general wards. The hospitals have  the facility of central oxygen supply in every ward and room, Telephone, Refrigerator, Television in every room.