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दीपावली की शुभकामनाएँ

Wishing you a very Happy Festival of Lights-Deepawali

डॉ प्रकाश आशा राहुल हर्षिता प्रांजल निखिल यशिव छजलानी. इंदौर


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#Hymenoplasty restores the# torn hymen. Known by many names i.e. #Revirgination, #Hymen reconstruction, #hymen repair, #hymenorrhaphy, #hymen surgery. A method by which the tags or edges of torn hymen are stitched together to give an appearance of intact Hymen which nearly blocks the vaginal entrance. #हाइमेन रिपेयर,#हाइमेनोप्लास्टी ,#वर्जिनिटी#कुंवारापन वापस पाने की #सर्जरी.Surgery available in Indore.MP.

Cleft Lip and Palate child before and after surgery.


 Surgery of the Nose, Rhinoplasty or Nose Job,नाक की प्लास्टिक सर्जरी,नोज़ जॉब ,राहिनोप्लास्टी


Rhinoplasty or Nose Job in pictures,………..Video URL


YouTube Video.

Getting a Dimple made on your cheeks. A short video on the Technique & the results of this most sought after cosmetic surgery procedure.No scars,no dressings & no hospital stay.Make your dreams come true.

African Surgery Safari….Free Plastic Surgery camp in Congo-Africa-July 2019 with Interplast Germany


Dr Chhajlani’s Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center.I :Dr Chhajlanis’ Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center, Indore, India was established in 1986 and is very centrally located at

Ganga-Jamuna Apartment, Near Nath Mandir, Behind Princess Palace Hotel, South Tukoganj, Indore, Bharat (India).
For appointments
Call: 91-731 2511411 from 10 am to 7 pm.

Pioneer Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery centre of Central India, since 1986. Dedicated service for Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Breast Surgery, Face surgery like scar revision, Botox, Fillers, Tummy Tuck, Lip surgery, Hair transplant, Ethical practice and good doctors, very well equipped with the recent advances.Best team in Central India.

Associated HOSPITALS and Admission Facilities :

Dr. Chhajlani works and operates in 3 best Hospitals of the city which are affordable, have excellent nursing care, have the state of the art technology, fully equipped pathology lab and High profile Operation Theater to deal with any kind of trauma and emergency situation.
Fully hygienic a/c rooms, non a/c rooms, general wards. The hospitals have the facility of central oxygen supply in every ward and room, Telephone, Refrigerator, Television in every room

We offer…Other Branches :
A//Pediatric and Child care facilities.
B//Dental services – in-house comprehensive Dental facilities. Maillo Facial Surgery,
C//Laser ,Botox,Filler and Dermatology services.



 Tree Plantation & Solar Power Generation Installation


Tree Plantation..15000 Trees distributed as a gift to Patients .Every year we distribute more  than 1200 road  side trees like  Peepal, Bargad, Gular, Neem & Karanj which are abode to birds.We have done this for last 11 years. About 15000 trees have been distributed so far.

Solar Power Generation Installation:We provide free information to help in installing Solar power projects to help generate your own clean electricity & help the environment by reducing the carbon.

  II Please consider the environment,

Plant a tree on every occasion.II

Save Paper & Save Trees