Small lump above left eyebrow, hurts, sharp pains, blurred vision. What could this possibly be?

Lump on the forehead: If the lump has been present for 3 years and is gradually increasing in size and is painful it needs to be seen by a Plastic Surgeon.How old are you and who noticed it first you or the family !!!.Investigations may not be conclusive but a Sonography may help.Let your surgeon suggest the test but get checked by us soon.

Using hydroquinone for dark armpits. Have stretch marks near the armpits?

Dark armpits can be lightened for limited periods as long as the cream is used, its  better not to do a prolonged usage since they can be harmful in the long run. Stretch marks can only be lightened by whatever treatment you take, they can’t be removed. Microdermabrasion, or laser would not delete it.

Scar on forehead post accident, Suggestion?

Persisting scar on forehead: No ointment or surgery would eliminate the scar.Plastic Surgery can help to make it look less conspicuous by doing scar revision or dermabrasion if required.Use sunscreen to reduce the pigmentation and consult a Plastic Surgeon.

Treatment for bulky breasts I am23-year-old girl who s breast board stands up very much. what can be done ?

It would be best to see us in the clinic, we can examine you and give the best suggestion.If the breast size is large then reduction surgery would be the best choice.The shape and size would change considerably and the dressing sense and appearance would be better and in some, it reduces the neck and back pain also.

Small breast size, want to use oil or pills or Surgery for enhancement? Hello..I am Karthu, and I am 23 years old now. My problem is that my breast is too small. Actually, it makes me loss in my confidence. My mom told me that, oil pills, may have side effects. so, please say how to consult you and undergo surgery. How long will it take to improve the size. Please do give reply. Actually I am getting desp day by day?

Small Breast: At 23 years most of the development is complete and no medicines taken orally or any thing applied externally will help. Some women do get larger breasts after pregnancy.Breast size does not affect its function or sensibility and so one should not be perturbed unless your image bothers you. In that case getting Silicone Breast Implants would be the best thing.It is a simple surgery with very gratifying and long-lasting results.

How can I make my face look fuller and chubby? Collagen creams and filler didn’t help. Hi, I have a big problem, my face is so skinny and thin and I want it to get back chubby and full. I tried all ways collagen creams and they didn’t help and give me the result I want. can u please help me?

With age, some people put on weight and fulness of the face.Have you lost a lot of weight recently???, then you need to see a physician to know the cause. If you are a teenager and are worried about skinny face the best way would be to go for FILLERS by a Plastic Surgeon.There are temporary and permanent fillers but in my opinion, FAT as a Filler is the best, very cost effective and permanent.

What is the treatment of holes due to pimples? Hi Sir/Mdam, I am 29 M. I have holes on my face these are because of marks after pimples. Is there any treatment to remove holes on my face. I need procedure/treatment in short period with good results. Please Suggest me.?

Acne scar or No medication or ointment can remove a scar. Plastic Surgery is generally the best does not remove the scar but can improve the quality significantly.Please send your close-up photographs or visit the clinic personally so that better opinion can be given. If very superficial then laser treatment may help but if they are wide spread and deep then surgical dermabrasion may be the treatment of choice.Getting yourself examined would be the best thing for a right opinion.

Why are my breasts shrinking for no apparent reason? Since 2 yrs my breasts have been shrinking. I went from a full, muscular size 36B down to a firm 32A. Why did this happen? I m not complaining but I just don t understand and I hope they won t shrink anymore. My husband says they are still shrinking and at the rate, I m going I won t need a bra for much longer. I am a 24-year-old female and I haven t been to anyone about it because I was trying to do research myself on the internet but can’t?

Breast enlargement.If the breasts are very small then Plastic surgery would be the best option.breast implants are very safe and give long term gratifying results.If the breast substance is there but is loose then the breast can be lifted up without adding an implant.If u are not surgically inclined then use a padded bra.No medicines or exercise will help.

I have large fleshy pink vaginal lips /flaps, What should I do? I am 32 yr old female with 2 children. I delivered both vaginally. I am 5 2 and weigh 135 lbs. I noticed that I have large fleshy pink flaps on both sides of my vaginal wall. They look much larger.They bother me cosmetically due to the appearance. What should I do ??

Large Vaginal Lips or Labia. Labia Plasty by Plastic Surgery is generally the best answer.It can be treated as office surgery and u can be discharge soon..

How can one get rid of forehead dent ? I m Arjun Thapa I m a hot boy of 19 yrs old I have a medium sized forehead dent so how do i can get rid of this?

Forehead scar or dent.No medication or ointment can remove a scar.By Plastic Surgery we can fill up the depression and improve the scar quality significantly. .

Is there any treatment to make lips thinner and where can I avail it?  I am 27 years old, single height is 5 ft and weight is 54 kg. I want to know, is there any kind of treatment or surgery is available in our medical science for making the thick lips thin? If yes, where, in which corner of the world it is available and at what cost??

Lip reduction is a surgical procedure and can be done without admission and under local anaesthesia.IT REQUIRES 1-2 HOURS IN THE HOSPITAL AND HAS very good results.You have to be examined to assess if one or both lips need to be addressed.You can eat and drink immediately after the surgery and the stitches are self-dissolving.

Which method is good to remove body hair? Iam 19-year-old, I like to go to swimming classes from next month. My problem is that I have lot of body hair. I need to wear shorts. So I want to get rid of body hair. Which is good to get rid of body hair. Can I go for hair removal creams or waxing, which is good for me?

Hair removal: Lasers have a wonderful role in body hair reduction.You may need a couple of sittings and would not get rid of the unwanted hair but can have a significant reduction. .

Condition Details: dark eye circles. Hello Doctor, I Vinay.K.have dark circles under eyes since 1-1.5 year. I work on laptop daily for 9-10 hours. I use zero number spectacles to safeguard my eyes. I tried Garnier eye circle removal tube (which costs Rs.950) for these circle but it didn’t work. Request you to provide solution on this. Thank You?

Dark eye circles are partially hereditary and no treatment removes them permanently.They can be reduced as long as you continue the treatment and for 2-3 months after you stop the treatment. This is also true for lasers and Chemical peels. since chemicals from natural or synthetic sources are used to reduce the dark color, they all harm in the long run. So it is advisable that you use them for 1-2 months and give a gap of 2-4 months.